Saturday, December 29, 2012

Foretold by Jana Oliver

I have waited for this book FOREVER and it would seem that the Mayan End of the world freak out pushed my favorite authors to complete their series! Though this book was supposedly "rushed" it was not lacking any of the elements I'd hoped from The Demon Trappers Finale.  Jana Oliver is a master of captivation! Even though it was the last book and I'd hoped to savor it a while I couldn't put it down! Just like my other favorite books I had to pull an all nighter to know how it ended for Beck and Riley.

Yes, Riley had given her soul to Ori and yes, Beck was left to battle his own demons but that wasn't the end of their story...Though they both admitted to themselves that they were in love with each other their stubbornness wouldn't allow them to vocalize their feelings to each other. It wouldn't be Jana Oliver style to just write a mushy love story to finish the series while the fate of Atlanta hung in the balance.

On a quest home to say his final goodbye to Sadie (his Mother) Beck is solicited to take Riley with him, to his hometown where everybody has a story to tell about Denver Beck (and most of it is not good). Will she listen to the rumors and leave him for good or will she step up and earn his trust?

This good ol' country boy has been hiding a secret and it could finally be the last nail in his coffin. Suspicions float around Sadlersville that Beck is a murderer and he's either slept with or wronged nearly every one in town. Talk about hostile environment, then add the one person in the world who's supposed to love you, but doesn't Beck and Riley may be better off fighting demons...

I LOVE this series and have from the first page of the first book. The Demons, the excitement, and most of all Riley; she's a strong willed girl who has the potential to become one helluva woman!  I admire and identify with Beck mostly I love how he's overcome so many obstacles in his life and come out better in the end. He's not one to throw in the towel when life gets tough or even downright Hellish. We could all learn a thing or two from him. Thanks to Jana Oliver for bringing such an awesome series into the world! I hope everyone enjoys this series as much as I have and will again!
Happy Reading!

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