Saturday, December 22, 2012

Duplicity by Nikki Jefford

Duplicity: Book #2 of the Spellbound Series is a double dose of suspense, action, heartache and....Graylee Perez?! Yup that's what I said! Graylee is now a girl on top of it all with her mom, newly inherited dad, and ever steamy boyfriend Raj. College in her near future she thought her troubles were all behind her and all she had to do was to if.

Charlene is now a half of a world away in France, with her powers bound and Graylee is officially dead and gone. That is until the anniversary of her death when Graylee wakes up screaming in a French boarding school. The last thing she remembers is being purged from Charlene.

A train and flight back home bring more bad news...She's not Graylee. Well, she is and she's not the only one. Now Graylee and Graylee have to face off with the coven, Adrian Montez, Ryan Phillips, and Nolan Knapp...Did I forget to mention the Grim Reaper too?!

I started this book 12hours ago with high expectations from Entangled and was not disappointed! My heart is still racing as I write this blog, reeling from the sneak peak into Book #3: Enchantment I have it on good authority that Charlene may be gone, but not forgotten... I guess we'll wait and see what's next for Graylee, and Graylee?

Happy Reading!

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  1. Holy hot pinkness! I love the blog makeover!

    Stopped by to say THANK YOU for the Amazon review of Entangled (Amazon reviews make me soooo HAPPY) and got a double treat to see the Duplicity review.

    Thank you, M!


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