Monday, September 3, 2012

Fate by Amanda Hocking

My blood approves #2 Fate by Amanda Hocking left me breathless... Not in a good way and not in a horrible way either. This series is thus far exciting and confusing. It has a LOT of movement and flow, but so far it hasn't gone any deeper into the actual story. There are many new things happening and changing, but the original confusion I had about the course of the love triangle hasn't changed.

More action, hot steamy romance (like) things going on, New changes and what not, but here I am just off a post finish daze with a sheer look of stupor spreading over my face. My husband thinks I've lost my mind as I rant and rave about the endless amount of questions flowing through me while reading this book. 

I absolutely adore Amanda Hocking's books so don't get me wrong, but I'm sure that the love triangle is the center of the story and I haven't seen much in the way of progress or evolution. There's a slip up between Jack and Alice, but I don't understand the taboo or the allure to Peter and there doesn't seem to be much in the way of answers on the horizon. I'm continuing on for my thirst to see where this series goes and I'll report back when I can. Moving to book #3 Flutter. Happy Reading!

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