Monday, November 5, 2012

House of Night #10-Hidden by P.C. Cast + Kristin Cast

After reading 9 books of the House of Night Series I knew Book 10-Hidden would deliver the goods. House of Night doesn't disappoint: Action, Sex, Comedy, Horror, Death and Love always Love.

This series follows a new Vampire Zoey Redbird from being marked through boy trouble, receiving special powers, battling immortals, and now darkness itself. With so much more in between!

Set in an exclusive school for vampires in Tulsa and now in tunnels under an abandoned bus depot. With new red fledgelings, a human prophetess, a newly human raven mocker, 2worriors, and 2 High Priestess, the tunnels may not be big enough anymore and someone will have to go... Things are changing for Zoey and her crew some will change their allegiance, and all is not well on the dark side either they are losing key players too.

Neferet has been exposed and shunned from the vampire community, but she isn't done causing chaos! After a fire destroys the stables the seeds of distrust begin to bloom leaving nothing but heartache in their wake.

 Things couldn't get any worse...could they? Zoey had died and come back to life, lost her 1st love, her mother had been sacrificed by Neferet to darkness to create Arurox a bull like creature, and now her beloved grandmother has been kidnapped. With new alliances they set forth to battle newly immortal Neferet...

After waiting for so long to get my House of Night fix I have to wait until 2013 to get another dose, but like a true addict I'll be there! Hopefully you'll enjoy this as much as I have. Merry meet, Merry Part and Merry meet again!
Happy Reading!


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