Thursday, July 14, 2016

New Release Review! Defiance by R.S. Broadhead


I. Am. Death.
His only job?
 To watch.
Watch the family Fate branded for death be butchered by a random drunk.
Cadeus Reaper was created by Grim for reaping souls. So why can’t he do the one thing he was made for?

Cadeus always knew he was different from other Reapers. Still – he struggled to fit in, to follow orders, and earn his way to the top spot of Demoral as he was intended for, that is until he reaps a soul for the first time. He defied Death’s law by attempting to stop a human from being executed.
He failed.
Or so he thought.
His crime would not go unpunished or unnoticed.
Trapped. In a cell. For over twenty years as mental and physical abuse haunted him--only to discover that the girl he tried to save is very much alive--but will soon be dead.
With no other choice, Cadeus has to do the impossible. Escape an inescapable prison. With the help of a newfound friend, he manages to reach freedom, only to find the world he once knew is gone. Grim has disappeared, leaving utter chaos. Fate, along with other Reapers, have taken over his home, the realm of Nekroun Earth.
Along with Demons and Angels, Fate has demanded the girl that Cadeus saved be found. Can Cadeus get to her first? Or will she end up in the hands of a fate she’s been running from?

My Thoughts:

Hot off the presses is Defiance by R.S. Broadhead.
Defiance is Book One of The Reaper Series and dare I say it’s dark yet fascinating! The battle of Good vs Evil takes on a whole new twist within Nekroun Earth and Earth. Predestined branding, Fate, a band of Grudgers, Stalkers, Takers, Transporters, Demorals, and the Ever illustrious Grim fill the pages of what I’m sure will be a must have on every TBR list! I will give a brief warning that there is strong language at times, but it falls in nicely with the story and would be best suited for more mature readers.

*One of my favorite things about this book is its uniqueness. I can honestly say that I haven’t read anything like this before. I LOVE the fast paced writing style that makes the reader devour page after page until they’re standing on the ledge of a massive cliffhanger! 

There is so much to love from the action to the laughter and the mystery! 

The vivid writing by R.S. Broadhead is what a reader hopes for when choosing a great read and I have to say that the imagery that has been seared into my brain has left me unable to sleep or recover for a little while unless I watch copious amounts of cartoons. Yet I sit here waiting on bated breath for the release of book two knowing sadly that it’s only the release of book one. I do foresee myself rereading this book in the future as it has earned its place among my favorites!

* I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys adventure, horror, paranormal and mystery.

So Naturally I give Defiance 5 Stars!!! 

Happy Reading!

If you think you can handle this ride:


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