Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Perfected by girls by Alfred C. Martino

In the town of Ashton, Michigan Melinda Radford would not be what you call a “typical” high school teenage girl. She is a wrestler, and though her mom and dad outwardly support her it would seem as if they weren’t thrilled to juggle being the parents of not only the Varsity team Co-captain, but the only girl on the team who can’t seem to win.

I was THRILLED to read this story because I had initially thought that I could identify with Melinda after all I too was a lone female wrestler once upon a time, but that was where our similarities ended.  Melinda comes from serious money and though throughout the story she constantly claims to not care about fashion, yet she seems to get rather excited over various top designer items and not only subscribes to but reads fashion magazines.

Then she is supposed to be a “loner” with only one friend, but has the audacity to walk up and flirt with a valet named Stewart only to later have a hard time talking to him, her character seems somewhat flawed.

I like the flow of the story with the exception of a few minor time travels that seem confusing for a brief moment until you read further into the scene for a second then you figure out what’s going on.

I really enjoyed how the reader is brought in on not only the technical names for some of the wrestling moves, but went into detail so that the reader  if they had no knowledge of wrestling can visualize what’s happening in the story.
The ridicule of being the only female on a male dominated sport is intense and I think stories like this can improve the ideals of young impressionable girls and reiterate the theory that they really can do anything that they set their mind to if they are willing to push themselves and in a sense be willing to “suffer” a little to achieve their dreams. Overall I ended up enjoying this story more than I thought I would in the beginning and I’ve fallen in love with the quote “Wrestling. Invented by boys. Perfected by Girls.”  

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