Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Last Echo by Kimberly Derting

The Last Echo book #3 in The Body Finder Series follows the track of it's predecessors. It's chucked full of excitement and action.
One of the greatest assets of Kimberly Derting's writing is the ability to view inside the killer's point of view. The details of the discovery of each body is intense. Violet never asked to be different or have the ability to find dead bodies, but the way she uses her curse/gift to help find closure for those who are murdered or to bring their families closure is extraordinary. Through the "Echos"of the dead that call to her, there is also a distinct matching "imprint" on the killer helping to track him/her down..  Every body that she discovers brings her closer to a killer, but will he find her before she finds him?
This killer is so far the most sick and diluted I've read about to-date. Though this is a work of fiction Kimberly Derting's writing has the ability to feel so real...
Every one of the characters could exist in the real world they are 3 dimensional and multi layered.  Violet has a lot of soul searching to do in the book and a couple of people walk away bearing "imprints."  Some light is shed on the back story of the team Violet works with.  When all was said and done I was left sitting with the finished book on my lap sooo angry that Book #4-Dead Silence won't be out until April 16, 2013! However the longer I wait the longer the series will last....
Happy Reading!

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